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Why to use scripts? Why to automate tasks???

Stop to spend time repeating tasks every time you need to make a different job. Think about all manually work you do daily and find an automation solution to be your assistant.

Import, export, place, resize, change styles and colors, make lots of find/changes, change text order… all those tasks can be done with one single click. Let’s talk about your workflow.

Besides all the automation scripts could bring to InDesign… Do you really know all its default features? Do you know GREP, Nested and Line styles? Master pages? If no, I can help you with that too.

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Who I am

I’m a brazilian journalist, automation enthusiast and javascript developer. I’ve worked for 15+ years in every kind of newsroom as news/page designer and since 2016 am traveling Brazil’s states to help in editorial systems implementation. Doing that, I’ve acquired large experience in production flow, which is a passion too. I really hope to be useful for you, helping you to save time, be precise and focused on what really matters: your design job.

What people already said about me

Anne-Marie Concepción“That ‘Import what you want‘ one works great and come in very handy. (Imports all text and object styles, swatches, and master pages all at once from the INDD file you specify.)”

Anne-Marie Concepción, CEO at Creative Pro and InDesign Secrets

Erica Gamet“Hi, Luis. I showed this script of yours in my ‘Ten Must Have Scripts for InDesign Users’ at the InDesign Conference last week! Lots of ‘ooohs’ and ‘ahhhhhs’! Thanks for this script.”

Erica Gamet, Speaker and Trainer for Creative Professionals

Pariah Burke“Thank you, Luis. I’m going to share that out to my social media followers and my email newsletters.”

“Check out these fantastic scripts by Luis Felipe Corullón.” (Facebook sharing post)

Pariah Burke, Speaker, Trainer and Adobe Community Professional (ACP)

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